More than 10 years ago, I discovered photography with my father’s old manual Canon EF with a 55mm lens. My first intention was to compensate a dramatically deficient memory, by keeping track of what I live. In parallel, I found out the endless creative possibilities of the camera obscura. Today, photography has turned into a “compulsive hobby”, I hardly ever get out without a camera (and my twisted back loves it...).

   You will find on this photoblog pictures that I shot a few blocks or many miles away, in black and white or color, which you will love, hate, or not care about.

   « Ce que j’ai vu » (« what I saw ») is made of scenes which touched me for their beauty, ugliness or strangeness, and that I changed into still images to remember them. I created this blog to share them, so don’t hesitate to leave your positive or negative comments.





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