Fort Boyard ? (lost in translation...)Et vitam eternam amenSt. Bavochurch, Haarlem... and again !A bike once again !ColorfulTrain to the sea"Design won't save the world"Street workRandom shop windowBreakfast timeBack to daylightHaarlem's mini red light districtHaarlem's street fair (3)Haarlem's street fair (2)Haarlem's street fair (1)Red tablesArcheologic fishingAquatic video-surveillanceand the catThe rest of the zooCrocodileThe jailScootertwo feetnot enough sun...with a bit of sunAlkmaar beachFoam (2)Foam (1)visiting a windmillnocturnal reflectionsThe famous fog of the Netherlandstoo much foam to surf ?finally !smells like the seabiking in the Netherlands... cliché !